Summer Events & Summer Alpine Activities

There's more to the Alps than skiing

Although Mountain Leap is best known for its Alpine expertise while the snow is on the ground, we have also honed our skills at a fair few other Alpine activities over the years. That's why we are delighted to put this knowledge and experience to the test throughout the summer months when our clients join us in the sun-drenched, colourful world that is summer in the Alps.

There are so many activities to get your teeth into during the summer that we find it incredible that more companies don't venture out to the mountains a little more often. The vast majority of the superb hotels that serve us so well throughout the winter are still plying their trade in the summer months.

There are countless different team building experiences available - white water rafting, climbing, mountain biking up and down the very same slopes that we slide down in winter, the whole scale of lake-based water sports all have much to offer.

There is one sport, though, that is a perfect accompaniment to a senior management meeting or some summertime client entertaining - golf. The Alps boast some of the world's most stunning golf courses. Professionally designed and set in dramatic lakes and mountain scenery, there can be few better ways of striving to improve your handicap.

The following pages give an introduction into some of the Alps' finest courses. The combination of a first class spa hotel and the perfect round of golf works as a fantastic summer boost for your team and an ideal way to get to build client relationships.


this body's existence is like a bubble's
may as well accept what happens
events and hopes seldom agree
but who can step back doesn't worry
we blossom and fade like flowers
gather and part like clouds
worldly thoughts I forgot long ago
relaxing all day on a peak

~Stonehouse (4th century Chinese Taoist)