Our Approach

Behind all corporate activity are individuals. Reflecting the nature of these individuals, our trainings are tailor made to suit both the objectives of each company we serve and the values, needs and gifts of each individual we work with.

Hence our courses marry both the individual needs of each participant with the outcome planned for by the organisation. 

Expert facilitation | Outcome driven training | Teamworking & Teambuilding | Feedback | New skills for the work place

Mountain Leap's name is no accident. We believe that mountains and the activities upon them work as metaphors for both the workplace and life in general. Our methodology then is organise and facilitate trainings and exercises that enable the participants to improve

Communication skills & associated people skills
Leadership & management skills
Teamworking & performance improvement
Goal & objective setting
Awareness & relationship building
Fulfillment and fun.

We also focus on a wide range of areas that support the group in building trust, openness, goal setting, collaboration, corporate integrity, authenticity and enabling individuals to appreciate how their personal values do in fact align with corporate identity. This removes subconscious blocks and suppressed conflict urges that often hinder individuals, teams and hence companies from extraordinary performance and co-creativity.

Improving awareness of these areas will improve individual and corporate performance; our programmes prove to individual team members how communication, trust, empathy and awareness inspires teams to extraordinary and creative performance.