Deutsche Bank Testimonial



Below is a copy of a letter from Deutche Bank's Managing Director:

To Whom it May Concern:

In February of this year I took 25 of my senior employees and key clients to the Alps. We chose Davos in Switzerland as a destination and Mountain Leap to organise the event. The Purpose of this trip was to relax and enjoy each others company outside the four walls of the office. The entire trip was outsourced to Mountain Leap where the only input from us was the destination, what the "feel" of the trip was and who was invited. Mountain Leap took this broad brief and put together four fun and productive days in the mountains. The invitees had a number of different interests, itineraries and wishes for the long weekend. The invitees came from multiple locations, and several wanted to travel at different times (and made last minute changes).

Mountain Leap dealt with this seamlessly. Mountain Leap made each invitee feel personally attended to, and their instructions were timely and clear. They made every effort to keep within our budget. Importantly, they provided event ideas and anticipated what would not work. They were cognisant as well of our needs for 'downtime' to rest and chat freely.

The feedback from my clients and team alike was that the organisation of the event was first rate and I am happy to say that Mountain Leap exceeded expectations both on and off the slopes, and can recommend them without qualification.

(Name and address supplied)