Corporate Event Delivery and Execution

We believe that a Mountain Leap event is most beneficial to our customers if we work together in partnership. This means that your event can begin from the moment you decide to work with us. Your Corporate Event team will be on-hand from the outset to ensure every detail is attended to. This can include:
  • Our UK-based staff working with you to deliver motivational presentations, provide updates via personal letter or email to your delegates, be present at sales kickers or group review meetings. We can do whatever it takes to make the event as important a part of your calendar as possible.
  • Sufficient and Experienced client facing resort staff available to you at all times - if we feel an extra person is required to provide the event and service you require, then we will do this, at no extra cost to you
  • Full Back Office support to handle all local and remote contingencies
  • Full feedback and reporting to group and division managers available as and when needed.
  • Complete flexibility with respect to changes of itinerary, numbers of guests and of course contingencies pre-arranged for bad weather and conditions.
  • Management of Costs and Budgets

The closer we work together from the start, the greater the understanding we will have of your company and its culture. This allows us to deliver your bespoke Mountain Leap event to your exact requirements, giving the best possible results in return.