Corporate Event Proposal development

We pride ourselves on the professional nature and timely delivery of our proposals. This is our chance to provide you with some of the finer details of your Mountain Leap experience - where you start to get a true picture of what your event has in store. Each proposal will include:
  • Detailed Modular Itinerary – The organisation and itinerary are paramount to your event’s success. This is one of our major skill sets. We are able to offer alternative options for different members of your party, additional elements to add value and maximise ROI.
  • Team credentials - your account manager and event management team including professional background.
  • Investment Rationale
  • Budget - with breakdown of modules
  • Tax Considerations
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Public relations
  • Funding and Cash calls
  • Terms and Conditions and Contractual Obligations
  • Cancellation and Alterations policy
  • Security
  • Bonding
  • Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability

As we believe the benefits of working with Mountain Leap are greatest when we work in partnership with our clients, we are always prepared to make ourselves available to help you present the proposal to board or management for final approval.