Corporate Event Delivery, Execution and Review

The final part of our process is to ensure that we delivered. Post-event we undertake a full review and like to work with you to assess success and ROI. Depending on your requirements this can include:
  • Event Reports
  • Delegate Questionnaires
  • Review of impact on ROI/KPIs

We are planning to introduce a new review concept for this year’s customers. The running of ‘customer clubs’ will be rolled out to enable us to meet with some of our customers, on an invitation basis, to listen to a no-holds-barred account of your Mountain Leap experience. This will provide you with the opportunity to network with some of your contemporaries, whilst giving us the invaluable feedback we need from you, so we can continue to improve. This commitment to continuous learning and improvement, and respect for our customers’ and partners’ points of view is just one of the things that sets us apart.