Mountain Retreats


Mountain Leap's retreats are the perfect opportunity for all who are seeking change and nurture in their lives to step out of ordinary life for a moment and share in practices that encourage physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and change.

 the act of withdrawing, as into safety or privacy, retirement, seclusion

a place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy

a retirement or a period of retirement for religious exercises and meditation

The business of living is tough and especially in these times challenging. We emphasise the importance of allowing ourselves to take time to rebuild our energies in all areas of our lives. We can live healthier and happy lives if we address our body's physical needs, our heart's emotional needs, our mind's intellectual needs and our soul's spiritual needs.

As we become aware of these needa and focus our attention upon them we can make small changes in our lives that bear extraordinary fruit in health, happiness and meaning in our lives.

Our commitment to you is that on our retreats, you will be looked after in a safe environment, but one in which you are encouraged to make steps address what is important to you in your life.

The retreat will be a classical expression of what retreats are all about. It is a combination of withdrawing from the world at large for a moment to reconnect with ourselves and a variety of activities that will facilitate change and healing.


In fact the root of the word re-treat will also be the root of what will be shared on retreat. Participants will have time to treat themselves by learning or practicing meditation, yoga, self-awareness and reconnection practices and so on. Autumn in the mountains is extraordinarily beautiful and we will spend time reconnecting the nature and the powerful flow of energy that can transform us and our lives

There will be some gentle rituals to remind us of who we are as souls and human beings and who we would wish to be. The retreat will be hosted at a lovely, comfortable chalet where comfort, nurturing and nourishment of soul, body and spirit will be taken care of by caring staff.


Looking for a safe place to re-engage with yourself, make commitments to living in the light and being authentic, then a mountain retreat could be your first step to taking time out for your health, wellbeing and happiness.....and of course for those who are in relationship with you.