Why use an event management company?

There is now a huge industry dedicated to organising motivation and teambuilding events, incentive and recognition schemes and meetings and conferences. This industry is growing constantly and the reason for this is that more and more companies are realising the benefits that can be gained from creative and inspirational events. A major aim of these events is to form an emotional tie between individual/team/client and company. Benefits enjoyed by companies that hold professionally managed events include:

  • Improved staff retention and loyalty
  • Outstanding and long-lasting client relations
  • Driven and dedicated teams, motivated to excel
  • Increased sales targets
  • Improved distributor performance

The achievement of any of the above points will lead to reduced spend and increased turnover as a result of a successful event. The increasing complexity of corporate events, stemming from the growing demand for "uniqueness" and "money can't buy" experiences has led to more and more companies outsourcing their corporate events to event management specialists such as Mountain Leap.

If an event is not managed and delivered perfectly, then far from achieving the desired benefits, it can have a negative affect on a business. As money is being spent on an event, then it must be perceived by your stakeholders to be more beneficial than the status quo. Questions to ask include:

  • Will the event have a positive effect on team morale?
  • Will the event improve our relationships with our suppliers/distributors?
  • Will the event leverage more business?
  • Can the event be linked to improving the performance of your sales team?
  • Will the event be perceived as "special" by your team?
  • Is this the correct time of the year to hold the event (period of financial year, calendar year)?
  • What are the logistical implications of the event?
  • Where is the ideal place to hold the event?

This list of questions can seem to go on forever. By enlisting a professional agency as your partner in planning your event, you ensure that you have an expert at your side, who will be able to work with you through the necessary questions, and then provide the best solution to match your objectives. A good professional agent will not only ensure that you meet your objectives, but will help you get there faster (and in most cases for less expense) and then have the on-the-ground experience to make sure there are no embarassing mis-haps once your delegates reach their destination.

To know more about how Mountain Leap could help you plan your perfect event, contact us on the details at the foot of this page, we will be delighted to help.