You need it and we've got it. The perfect package: PURE ADVENTURE

You’re a success! You've got it all...

But there’s something missing.

That something. is your spark, the vital spark that makes you feel really alive. A few years ago you were probably a true adventurer, taking risks, looking for challenges and stretching yourself just to see what would happen.

Now, with responsibilities mounting, you seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut just doing the same old thing week in, week out.

You need adventure back in your life, more challenges, more risk and more fun. It’s time to find out just who you are and what you’re capable of. It’s time to shake things up again and rediscover that spark!

What you’re missing is a Pure Adventure.

You need it and we’ve got it. The perfect package: PURE ADVENTURE.

A long weekend tucked away in the Chamonix Valley where we’ve brought together some of the world's finest offerings. The Mont Blanc Massif for your viewing and sporting pleasure, professional mountain guides who will take you off the beaten track for true discovery, to great life coaches who will help you rediscover your love of adventure, and the most luxurious, boutique hotel in Chamonix where you can eat, drink and just be. A new place, new experiences, new people, and at the end of the weekend, a revitalized you.

Start taking risks again and put the adventure back into your life!

Action adventure, life adventure and luxury adventure

In the summer, Chamonix experiences long days of sunshine and beautifully cool evenings. So expect fresh air, challenges and a resurgence of vitality. During the winter months the blanket of snow encourages us to use many alpine activities to inspire our sense of fun, personal review and adventure.

The breathtaking mountain ranges around Chamonix are the perfect environment for you to explore the adventure that is your life. With the guidance of expert life coaches you will rediscover what makes you come alive. This experience will change YOU for life.