Why teambuilding? Motivation & Teambuilding events for business

Motivated staff. Working as a team. Achieving your aims.

A recent article in The Times quoted a Colorado University study that calculated that, should an executive leave your company, it costs up to 250% of their salary to replace them. Add to this any potential falls in productivity or damage to team morale and the importance of keeping your A Players becomes self evident.

Your staff are special individuals. They are highly skilled, highly mobile, highly paid and in demand. So how do you motivate them? Money in the form of salary or bonus is an incentive but it’s not a differentiator, not a special motivator. Your employees earn their money against their pay plan and any rewards gained are seen as their right, not something your company does as a gesture to say to them ‘you’re special’.

Money alone does not breed the loyalty that your company needs to ensure it continues to be attract the right people and get the most out of them. Nor does it bind a team together. Great companies find non-monetary ways to ensure their staff feel rewarded, wanted & special. They do this because they know that when their employees enjoy their work, enjoy the company of the people they work with and like and respect their employers, productivity rises and staff turnover falls. That's why great companies invest in teambuilding events.

Mountain Leap help you generate a culture that says ‘it’s not just about money’. Together we create a feeling that yours is a great company to work for, a company that cares, a company that goes the extra mile – "a company where I have friends and , memories" – these emotional ties are the glue that binds a great company together. At Mountain Leap, we know how to develop this kind of feeling and culture in your company.

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