CIT Aerospace

Excerpts from an interview with Patrice Deza-Castillo, New York-based Assistant Vice President for Brand Marketing at CIT Aerospace:

"Our annual ski event is one of the most influential fixtures on our calendar. Holding an event such as this really gives us the opportunity to get to know our clients better. A number of our competitors and contemporaries hold ski events in the US, but we wanted to set ourselves apart. We have a lot of clients in Europe and in the East, so it makes sense for us to hold an event in the Alps. It adds something extra for our American clients to go to Europe and it means we can coincide with the Geneva Forum conventions in March, where many of our clients and partners have a presence."

"It was a real stroke of luck that we stumbled upon Mountain Leap. We had been working with one of Mountain Leap’s competitors for our first 2 years of running the events, but on a few occasions, we had felt that there was not enough attention to detail or actually enough staff to deal with issues that can arise. They were a larger company than Mountain Leap, and I think this led to them lacking some of the skills and specialty that we’ve grown to love and expect from Mountain Leap. We know that the event management staff from Mountain Leap will be dedicated to our group - it was often the case before that staff would be moving from one event to the other."

"We found Mountain Leap by a Google search for “Corporate ski events” and then sent in a quick enquiry through the website. I was amazed at the response. Rather than waiting around and having to follow it up, Mountain Leap had contacted me within half an hour and we were planning out an event there and then as they listened to our requirements and instantly came back with suggestions and ideas for where we could go and what activities we could arrange. I was instantly impressed. To have a company be that proactive was great. I have so many events to organise throughout the company that to just be walked through this one was a great relief. I don’t ski, so things have to be explained fully to me, because our President, Jeff Knittel, certainly does ski and likes to test my knowledge on the details of the events and locations as much as is humanly possible!"

"I love going on the ski events with Mountain Leap. Even though I don’t actually ski, there is always something else made available for us to do. Just being in the beautiful surroundings and having everything done for you can give you a huge lift. Unfortunately, two of our guys last year in Val d'Isere were getting a little competitive on the slopes had an accident that resulted in a broken foot. We all just assumed this would mean he would have to miss out on the great meal we'd had arranged for that night that required a tricky traverse across ice and snow. The Mountain Leap staff wouldn’t hear of him missing out and managed to convince a local pisteur to give him a lift to the restaurant in his piste-basher. It’s that kind of attention and care that people don’t forget.”"

"I will now continually call on Mountain Leap every time we run a ski event because I feel absolutely calm and relaxed, knowing I can leave the organisation to them. They are on first name terms now with our people their spouses, and even some of our clients. In fact, one of our sales guys’ wife is an event planner and was blown away by Mountain Leap's attention to detail and how they constantly ensured every base was covered."

"I would recommend Mountain Leap to anybody considering a corporate ski event of any kind."